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Sold 50ft Narrowboat Canal House Boat - West Yorkshire


Power comes from a 460 Wp roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system. scaled for year-round living: I never once had to use the engine to top up batteries through four winters. LED lighting throughout provides great illumination at minimal electricity consumption. For most of the year there is sufficient excess power to run a fridge, if you want one (I've never needed one), or to divert surplus energy to a dump load for water heating. A MPPT charge regulator ensures optimum use of winter sunlight and keeps the battery in optimum condition. Power storage is a 200Ah Nickel-Iron battery. High discharge rates mean the actual capacity is equivalent to that of good quality 500-600Ah lead acid batteries, and performance is excellent even at low charge levels. They batteries have an expected working life of up to 40 years and are completely non-toxic in their production and disposal. USB plugs allow phone charging and many other uses directly from the 12V circuit. Both the living room and cabin are equipped with 12V sound systems. Appliances can be run from a 600W pure sine wave inverter. A Separate composting toilet separates solids and liquids. Everyday operation is odourless and hygienic, whole disposal is clean, low hassle, cost-free and environmentally responsible. Both solids and liquids can easily be converted into compost, if you have access to a growing space. Otherwise, disposal through standard waste streams is simple, safe and legal - avoiding the cost, inconvenience and gut-wrenching indignity of pump-outs and porta-potties. A dual heating system makes it easy to keep all parts of the boat cosy and warm under all weather conditions. A 4.5kW Morso Squirrel case iron solid fuel stove at the front is big enough to heat the entire length of the boat once it gets going. With careful management it can sustain a comfortable temperature throughout an entire night or day without attention - so no need to wake up or come home to bitter winter cold. Support heating comes from an Alde gas boiler, providing hot water and heating radiators in the cabin, wet room and living room. The boiler, which is located near the back of the boat, was recently serviced and is in excellent condition. The central heating system is configured to rapidly heat the cabin and wet room to comfortable levels. A full kitchen includes a 4-hob gas cooker (newly installed in 2019), full grill and oven, dual sink with draining board, spacious work tops and ample storage on shelves and cupboards. as well as ample work-tops and storage space (cupboards plus shelves). In fact, a lot better than the kitchens in most houses. The wet room incorporates a full walk-in shower with thermal mixer to ensure a constant water temperature. The shower is walled on three sides and offers ample elbow room and an inbuilt shelf. The wet room also accommodates the toilet and a separate sink. The engine is a Thornycroft, and lives up to this make's excellent reputation, having never once failed to start up first time. It was serviced in September 2020 and is in perfect condition. The front locker accommodates three 13kg propane cylinders, with a bubble meter and double regulator that allows switching between cylinders without interruption of supply. The water tank is 150l (I think) stainless steel. An expansion valve protects the system from variations in temperature, reduces pump use and ensures smooth water delivery. The hull is 50 feet long (15.4m). It was made by SG boatbuilders in 1992 and is bottomed with 10mm steel, 6mm elsewhere, and was recently blacked. It has suffered some corrosion and is due to be re-plated; if a sale is agreed before this takes place and the buyer prefers to organise the repairs, I am happy to renegotiate accordingly. The top was fully repainted in 2018 with good-quality, high-durability enamels, and should be in good conditions until 2025. The most recent BSS inspection was in 2018, and all sound, so due again 2022.

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Buyer collects from Hebden Bridge

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