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Sold 57ft Northstar Narrowboat Cruiser - Cheshire


Northstar was built in 2004-5 and CE commissioned in 2005.

The all steel hull and cabin shell was fabricated by John White Boat Builders and was outfitted by Northstar Narrowboats Ltd.
Northstar is a CE plated Category D vessel designed for inland waterways and rivers. It has a fully documented CE approved Operation and Maintenance manual. It holds a current Inland Waterways Craft Safety Certificate valid until June 2023.

It has a saloon, dinette, galley shower and WC room and a permanent double bedroom with a large single/smaller double-conversion berth in the dinette and space for two further collabsible berths in the saloon.
Dimensions 17.53m (57') length x 2.08m beam - Design draught 0.610m stern, 0.457m bow -Design air draught 1.83m
Fully welded mild steel sheet - 10mm keel plate, 6mm hull and gunnels with 50mm x 50mm angle stiffeners to hull and keel plate. 4mm upper cabin and cambered roof with 25mm x 25mm steel angle stiffeners all manufactured to a Semi Traditional Plus layout
The hull is protected from stray current electrolytic errosion by 6x magnesium alloy sacrificial anodes bolted and welded to the bow mid and swim of the immersed hull sections.

There are 4 ventilation openings provided along the cabin roof with chromed mushroom cowls.
Outer hull, cabin and roof all coated in Polurea resin ranging between 2mm and 3mm thickness, hence the lower hull does not require the bitumastic re-blacking every 2-3 years common to the majority of steel canal boats.

The stern cockpit is covered by a large sliding steel hatch used to expose all or part of the cockpit which open area measures 1.275m long x 0.9m wide.
Combined cockpit deck and engine cover in 18mm phenolic impregnated plywood with closed cell foam acoustic insulator underlay.
The semi eleptical rear deck measures 1.75m wide x 1.0m at the radius peak, it contains a further hatch to the rear of the engine bay to facilitate access to the propeller via the weed hatch below.

Inner hull and cabin mill swarf fully degreased, Rustoleum 2 coat primed, 25mm thick treated timber batton grounds fixed to stiffener angles all prior to full spray application of phenolic resin foam flush to face of battens plus angles. Under floor/inner side of keel is coated with 2 coats Aquaseal bitumous sealant overlaid with 8kg/m2 roofing felt prior to the laying of concrete brick ballast to the forward area.

Structural cabin floor is constructed in 18mm WBP plywood on 25x50mm treted battens fixed to the hull steel angle supports. The floors are generally finished in solid American Black walnut T&G overlay
Cabin walls are lined in 9mm real wood American Maple and Cherry veneered MDF sheet stain sheen laquer polished.
Centre light rail, cornices, dados, skirting boards and panel frames in 22mm solid American Cherry
Cabin windows and portholes are in aluminium, condensate self draining and manufactured by Caldwells Ltd with solid American Cherry linings.
Access is either via the oak bow doors or the stern cockpit steel doors.
A double steel doored side hatch is located opposite the dining area.
A Beta Marine 43hp Greenline keel cooled diesel engine with Murphy deluxe 2C control panel fitted to a Newage PRM 150D gearbox with 1.5 reduction, connected to propellor shaft via a vibration and noise supressing Aquadrive coupling. Typical cruising engine revs are between 1400 and 1800rpm, tickover is at 900rpm.

Engine cooling is primarily achieved via the skin tank integral to the boat hull on the port side of the engine bay. coolant heat is also dispersed through a heat exchange coil within the Domestic Hot Water calorifier.

Surplus engine heat may also be reclaimed into the central heating system by switching on the cental heating pump when the engine is running.

The engine is fitted with twin alternators.

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